Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gave up a TDS, gained a Cowboy

I traded the TDS (in part) for an 1894CB "Cowboy Limited." So far I am pleased with my choice. Though the TDS was a unique and fun rimfire the Cowboy is enriching my Marlin experience.

I've had the Cowboy out to the range a few times now breaking it in, getting familiar with it and dialing in loads. Here is the report from yesterday's trip to the range.

Marlin 1894CB
in 45 Colt, 20" barrel, open sights.
Range conditions, variable wind, mostly cloudy and 52*F

The 1894CB has shown some promise with 255gr SWC Laser-Cast bullets over SR 4756 so I decided explore this combination further. At 10 grains (Speer #13 Max <14,000 PSI) this load burns pretty clean, showed signs of being accurate and averaged 1084 fps in my earlier testing. Today it scooted along a little quicker, clocking 1099 fps (warmer weather?). It also produced the best accuracy. Target pick at:

1-1/4" center to center at 50 yards. Not bad for open sights.

On my previous trip to the range I worked up to 11 gr of SR4756 (~1200 fps) and had supurb accuracy. Today I worked up to 12 grains from there. The accuracy erroded slightly but 11.5 grains got me 1254 fps average and 12 grains got me 1300 fps. The POI for the 12 grain load was 4" lower (and slightly left) than the 10 grain load at 50 yards with the same POA.

There was no stickyness at all in either my 1894CB or Ruger BH with any of these loads.

Other notes:
The 1894CB's accuracy is best with a well fouled bore.

The SR 5756 burns quite clean. Its fluffy flakes fill the case nicely.

4-5/8" BH chrony data:
11.5 gr = 1021 fps
12 gr = 1107 fps