Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The latest addition

Sometimes good things happen without a plan. I had wanted one of these for sometime but never had the jingo when one became available. Now I want another.

I'm a sucker for octagonal barrels and classic lever lines. This is a Mountie size package that weighs a half pound less. Early testing is showing very promising accuracy - this may be the most accurate 39 I've owned so far.

Chronograph data:

Fed Bulk 1264 avg / 36.30 SD (Good Accuracy)
Federal Lightning 1225 avg / 24.83 SD (close 4th Accuracy)
Federal Champion 1204 avg / 16.4 SD (Promising Accuracy, 2nd best so far)
Aguila SE Subsonic 1024 avg / 14.83 SD (report noticeably quieter).
CCI SGB LFN 1235 avg (stated velocity on box) / 18.43 SD (Best Accuracy)
CCI CB Long 686 avg / 20.19 SD (very quiet, Fair Accuracy - worst of bunch)
CCI Mini Mag 1249 avg / 12.04 SD (close 3rd Accuracy)
RWS Target Rifle 993 avg / 14.21 SD (report noticeably reduced, Promising Accuracy)
Winchester Xpert 22 1219 avg / 17.26 SD (Promising Accuracy)

All of the ammo tested would shoot enlarged hole (all shots touching) groups at 25 yards except the CCI CB Longs. Some of the groups were very impressive. Testing at longer range should sort out which of these is the favorite. So far this carbine is not showing any signs of being finnicky.