Monday, March 26, 2007

The New One

The "new" one arrived the other week. 1964 vintage. Some blems and the stock finish is sub par. The wood is in good shape and the action tight. The original sight was switched out and the new version of the Semi-Buckhorn installed. The old sight arrived with the rifle in a plastic bag. The front sight had the bead filed off leaving a crude post. The hammer spring was also shortened, lightening the trigger pull but also causing light hammer strikes and FTFs.

My first trip to the range showed promise but the sights challenged my eyes. I ordered a new front sight (along with a new hammer spring) from Brownells and that greatly improved the sight picture. The preliminary results at the range improved as well. I believe this could be a more accurate rifle than the other.

Chronograph results (56*F)
Aguila SE Subsonic averaged 989 fps (vs. 994 in the 1965 Mountie). Very good accuracy.

Federal Bulk Ammo averaged 1166 fps and also show very good accuracy potential. The suprise was that it was nearly 100 fps slower than the 1965 Mountie which spit them out at 1054 fps last year using the same ammo brand but different lot #.

To know if it is the rifle or the ammo I will have to bring both Mounties out together and shoot some strings from the same ammo Lot.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Mountie

As if one was not enough, I have just agreed to another trade for another Mountie...

Gone is my 39A and a Mountie will be on its way this week.

Two Mounties! How great is that?