Tuesday, April 20, 2010

400 yard shot video

My little camera has some video capabilities but I haven't used them very much.  I did manage to capture a little bit of our shooting fiesta, including the first hit on the 400 yard dinger.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The most fun with a 336 - ever

The most fun with a 336 - ever

(Posted at Marlin Owners too but since some may not get over there, I'll post here too)

Last week I got the chance to get out of town with the 336 Cowboy (conversion) in 30-30 and put it through the paces. The snow has mostly cleared out of my place and the first signs of Spring are just starting to appear. I hadn't been over in several months so what better way to see the place than to take a few 2-3 hour walks with a rifle.

I took the 336 Cowboy Conversion with me that I’ve hunted with in its original configuration (20" Texan) and was curious what my impression would be with the longer 24" barrel. There is a noticeable weight gain. Not so much that it is burdensome and still much lighter (and thinner) than a scoped bolt rifle. I didn't limit myself to the trails and headed cross country into the thickets to test the portability. I must say I was quite pleased - with the loaded magazine the balance point is about a hand width forward of the previous (short barreled) point of carry so while carried in the hand the barrel protrusion isn't much if any more than the Texan. I did not test it carried vertically on a sling which I'm sure would have been more likely to catch on branches and uneven ground higher and/or lower.

One of the loads I took along while out scouting the ranch was the Lee 115 grain "Soup Can" bullet over a little (less than 3 grains) of Bullseye. It only jogs along at 850 fps but is very accurate. Out of the long barrel it is quiet enough for me (a half deaf carpenter) to shoot without ear protection and it didn't take me long to run through all the ammo I brought with me. I did shoot it out to 110 yards (lasered) but the bullet drop past 50 yards starts getting measured in feet, not inches. It looks like a perfect Grouse load as it shoots close enough to point of aim of my hunting loads out to 50 yards that I'm confident I can make clean and ethical shots on those tasty critters without sending a cloud of feathers into the atmosphere and leaving a greasy spot where he once stood.

The timing of my trip allowed me to drop by Wind’s place and we had ourselves a shooting fiesta before (and after) the next day's Silhouette match. I started dialing in my match load on the 200 yard Ram-o-matic dinger when he rolled out the newest addition to the shooting gallery - the 400 yard triple lung which measures 32" tall by 20" wide.

For perspective, this is looking back toward the firing line on the front steps of the shop.

He then proceeded to thump that thing with an 1895 Marlin Cowboy in 45-70 and a 114 year old Marlin 1893 in 32-40. Shooting off the sticks was too easy so he took a shot at it off hand with the 32-40 and rang it - though at the time we initially saw the lead splash below it before the clang made it back to us. I have a short video of that I can't figure out how to post. I also have some video of the hits and grins we endured during our arduous shooting session.

Off the sticks I was able to ring it easily with my 336 CB using the Ranch Dog 165 grain Bullet over enough 2400 to get me 1850 fps.

We finished off the day with a celebratory feast that included all three food groups; Meat, Taters and BEER (Moose Drool).

The next morning we joined up with a bunch of other lever gun enthusiasts to knock down a bunch of critters at various ranges.

Wind left his tack driving 30-30 in the safe and took the old girl (32-40) to the dance. Al the match director also decided to take style points over score and showed up with his century plus old Winchester 1873 in 44-40. Imagine the history and adventures those old guns have seen. Very cool.

We started on the Chickens and little did we know that the number 4 chicken in our lane was bullet proof. We both missed him... TWICE!

#4 Super Chicken, still standing despite our best efforts.

We had a grand time toppling those critters, even though it was cold and the wind picked up as the morning went along. With one shot left in the match this was ram was all I needed to break 30.... I choked... dern it!

The 165 grain Ranch Dog bullet/2400 load is plenty to topple the heavy 200 yard rams, even with less than ideal hits. I got this guy twice in the "unit" during the match and both times he fell. The other two hits were from a side match we had after the official competition was over.

In the interest of science we decided to end the Marlin vs. Winchester debate once and for all. The contest would pit four Marlin shooters (Wind and myself included) against four Winchester shooters, the first group to mow down five 200 yard rams wins. Needless to say we Marlin owners won easily and had our rams on the ground while two of theirs were still on the rails.

After being embarrassed the Whiny, er, I mean Winchester boys demanded a rematch, this time we'd shoot rams AND turkeys. I think Wind and I were the only Marlin guys left with rifle calibers and ammo but we were pretty sure it was still fair since they had to shoot Winchesters

At the "go!" command I touched one off that sailed over my Ram and levered in another, this time I planted a solid shot right in his middle and started looking for more Rams, Wind and his 1893 already had his ram down, the extra Ram and was working on our teammates rams before I got a bead on the last one standing. On to the turkeys the with our Ram distance zeros we all sent our first shots high. We got three down when the Winchester dudes dropped their last Turkey...

Looks like this argument will have to continue until we get a rematch...

Monday, April 05, 2010

Postal Matches

I enjoy postal matches, especially the creative varieties.  Over at http://postalmatch.blogspot.com/ there is such a match that is a lot of fun.  I shot it today with the Single Six.  Word of caution...  READ the rules carefully.  I thought I did great until I re-read the rules to score my target...  OOPS!  I can be such a doofus sometimes!

Even if you don't send in your entry, it is a fun match to do.

$5.95 - $1.00 (penalty for not "signing" my target) = $4.95