Friday, January 27, 2012

M&P 45C and the XGRIP

The XGRIP arrived today.

XGRIP with 10 round magazine

XGRIP with 14 round Magazine

45C with XGRIP and Full Size comparison

I've been purchasing magazines and the XGRIP from GREAT SERVICE and Pricing!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

M&P 45 Magazines

M&P 45 Magazines are available with 8 (compact), 10 & 14 round capacities.

  I purchased two more - a 10 and a 14 - from  which I've found to have great selection, very competitive pricing and OUTSTANDING rapid service.

 The 14 round magazine has a permanently attached grip extension that my wife and I both found to be very comfortable when shooting with two hands and seems to further mitigate recoil due to increased leverage.  This is something I will be testing further.

So far the function seems to be fine though I need to test more to be confident in that.  The 14th round is a bearcat to load.  I'm certain some will require a loading device.  Inserting a fully loaded magazine into the pistol with the slide in battery (as with a tactical reload) it requires a firm tap to fully seat the magazine.  There does seem to be an increased drag when working the action with a full mag on the first round and the next 13 feed more easily.  It will take some testing to convince me this is 100% reliable - though so far, so good.

14 round mag - Empty

14 round mag - loaded

Fully loaded Mag weight - 15.1 ounces

Empty Mag weight - 4.7 ounces

10 round Mag weight - empty, 3 ounces

Fully loaded 10 round mag weight - 10.5 ounces

The 10 & 14 round magazine will fit and function in the 45 Compact.  14 round magazine shown.

The 14 round magazine seems to be a very nice option for a home defense situation.  It would probably serve well as a secondary magazine when in the field or for competitions when capacity isn't limited.