Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Five in a dime.

This 5 shot group was produced with the open sighted Marlin 39A Mountie sitting 25 yards from the target with Federal (wally world) 550 bulk pack ammo.

I wouldn't call this group typical but it is representive of its potential. The shooter, your's truely, will more often than not send a flier or two outside of the main group. Still, this ammo shoots consistently and impressively out of most of my rimfires.

At 100 yards the groups expand to ~3" with the open sights resting the forarm on a sandbag. Sub 2" three and four shot groups and common. The groups center around 4" low using the 25 yard zero. Two indents up on the rear sight ramp puts them point of aim.

The Federal 550 Bulk ammo outperforms the CCI Mini Mag ammo in velocity and accuracy at less than half the price. It is the best value in rimfire ammuntion that I am aware of.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rimfire Chronograph data

Marlin 39A- 24" Barrel
Marlin 39A Mountie- 20" Barrel
Marlin 39TDS- 16" Barrel

The Ammo

Fedral 550 Bulk Pack ammo
, 36 grains HP bullet, copper "plated"
39A : Average velocity 1263 fps (Highest was 1283, lowest was 1237)
Mountie Average 1254 fps (hi 1297, low 1230)
39TDS Average 1251 fps (high 1292, low 1216)

Notes: claimed velocity on box says 1280. This ammo shoots well in a wide variety of my rimfires, including autoloaders. The accuracy is very good in all of my Marlins.

Aguilla SE Subsonic
38grains lead hollow point
39A average 984 (high 1000, low 937.2)
Mountie average 994 (high 1023, low 984)
TDS average 1007 fps (high 1024, low 993)

Notes: This ammo has proven to be accurate in a wide variety of my rimfires. Only Match ammo has surpassed it in guns that shoot it well. It does NOT cycle any of my autoloaders. On most days this ammo will produce the best groups. Today it was true in my 39A and Mountie. Interestingly the 16" Barreled 39TDS produced the highest Velocity with this ammo.

CCI CB Longs 29g RN lead
39A (it was hard to tell these even when off in this gun) 677 avg (681 high, 668 Low)
Mountie 675 avg (720 high, 636 low)
TDS 668 average (674 high, 652 low)

Notes: Only the TDS (1/2" @ 25 yards) and my Single Six shoot this what I would consider "well". The Mountie shoots it OK (~1" at 25 yards). Most of my rimfires do NOT shoot this well. It is very quiet in long barrels.

CCI Mini Mag
40g copper coated, solids
39A 1255 avg (1272 high, 1230 low)
Mountie 1225 avg (1243 High, 1191 low)
TDS 1221 avg (1244 high, 1202 low)

Notes: Of my three 39's the Mountie shoots this the best. It is a little less accurate than the Fedral Bulk at more than twice the cost so I rarely use it.

CCI Blazer
, RN lead 40g (more than 20 years old, probably closer to thirty...)
39A 1230 avg (1242 high, 1214 low)
Mountie 1203 avg (1216 high, 1178 low)
TDS did not shot.
Notes: Shoots a little dirty. Mountie shoots these very well.

Other random notes:

-The Chrony Alpha Master model was easy to use and I had it set up in minutes with NO previous experience.
-The Mountie is my least finnicky rimfire. It'll shoot almost anything well and usually pretty close to the same spot at 25 yards. Beyond that stuff seperates vertically.
-The TDS is the most finnicky of my 39's, but it will shoot the CB longs the best.
-Temperature was ~65* during the time I was shooting.
-Most were 10 shot strings though some were longer.
-Chronograph was 12 feet in front of the barrel

Learning the Ropes

From the top:
  • Marlin 39A 1970's vintage
  • Marlin 39A Mountie 1960's vintage
  • Marlin 39TDS vintage unknown (mfr 1988-1995)
They say variety is the spice of life. I would agree.

If I could only have one, I'd take the Mountie but I sure would miss the other two.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Favorite Marlin

The goal: Post field tests and data about my favorite Marlin, the Golden 39A Mountie.