Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Five in a dime.

This 5 shot group was produced with the open sighted Marlin 39A Mountie sitting 25 yards from the target with Federal (wally world) 550 bulk pack ammo.

I wouldn't call this group typical but it is representive of its potential. The shooter, your's truely, will more often than not send a flier or two outside of the main group. Still, this ammo shoots consistently and impressively out of most of my rimfires.

At 100 yards the groups expand to ~3" with the open sights resting the forarm on a sandbag. Sub 2" three and four shot groups and common. The groups center around 4" low using the 25 yard zero. Two indents up on the rear sight ramp puts them point of aim.

The Federal 550 Bulk ammo outperforms the CCI Mini Mag ammo in velocity and accuracy at less than half the price. It is the best value in rimfire ammuntion that I am aware of.


WCF3030 said...

Thats some nice shootin.
I'd keep that setup if I was you.
Keep up the great work!!

Whit Spurzon said...

As an experiement I've scoped the mountie and will see what it can do. I will post a report today