Saturday, September 23, 2006

Take me back... shootin

Recipe for an excellent day: Perfect early autumn weather and the opportunity to do some shooting.

I started out on the paper targets at ranges out to 50 yards to confirm my zero and then I started plinking, methodically disintegrating dirt clods and bits of busted clays into smaller and smaller bits. Once my lane became target depleted, I posted more paper targets and practiced shooting from the prone, sitting and standing positions.

Satisfied with the results but not ready to call it a day I took out the steel reactive targets. The challenge, hit four paddles and then the reset and repeat without missing as fast as possible. Suprisingly the Mountie kept pace with the autoloaders for aimed shots and not suprisingly outperformed the autoloaders accuracy wise. Good clean fun and it took me back a few decades. A day later and I'm still grinning. Life is good!

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