Friday, December 26, 2008

Cowboy Silhouette

There probably isn't a more enjoyable form of shooting competition than Cowboy Silhouette. Shooting leverguns, offhand at reactive targets at various ranges is great fun. It is quite challenging too. Hitting a 'Ram' that is about as big as a sheet of paper isn't easy at 100 yards - but is sure is satisfying.

I'm no expert at this game by a long stretch - I manage a little more than half per round. The physical part is easier to master than the mental. I find that pacing is key for me - pausing between shots, resting the eyes for a few seconds, taking a few breaths before raising the rifle, aiming and squeezing off another shot.

Next year I plan to equip one of the Mounties with a Skinner Peep Sight for this competition. My half century old eyes are challenged by the factory open sights. I'm hoping the Skinners will get my score up into the thirties.

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