Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mountie vs. Bolt 22lr

I am blessed to own a few excellent bolt action rimfire rifles. One of which is a CZ 452 American w/ a Leupold 3-9x32 AO scope (EXCELLENT - GREAT VALUE). Very accurate = enlarged hole at 50 yards with quality ammo. GREAT trigger, adult ergonomics, fantastic value... It is capable of breaking a clay into parts so small at 100 yards it is difficult to find the pieces. I love this rifle and will probably never willingly give it up. Good ammo = amazing performance.

Compare now with the Mountie. The CZ is more accurate. The CZ has a (MUCH) better trigger.

BOTH have the feel of adult sized and quality firearms.

Where the Marlin surpasses the CZ is in the field. It is easier to carry. It can be packed inside a backpack (taken down) and the accuracy is more than sufficiant to ethically and cleanly harvest game that can be harvested with 22lr. The Mountie also has the capability of being fired faster and has a greater capacity in the magazine. The Mountie has good iron sights and can easily be fitted with a scope or upgraded iron sights (Skinner).

Both are classic and proven designs but the Mountie is genuinely American.


CelticCrosshairs said...

Got to shoot a CZ and it felt quality. On a side not there is no option to follow your blog, whats up with that?

Whit Spurzon said...

CC: My (lack of) commuter savvy is the limiting factor. I don't know how to enable anyone to follow the blog. Tips?

Whit Spurzon said...

I think I stumbled my way through and figured it out.