Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Battering of the Rams - Not!

This silhouette game is addictive, Geoff and Wind are my enablers on the eastern side of the state. I met a gentleman named Paul that invited me to try it on this side at the Custer range and is now my western enabler...

The range is very nice - sorry I forgot my camera :( . Covered line, concrete pad, benches, PA, buzzer, lights... even a kid that rides out on his quad to set the Rams and Turkeys. 16 participants for the pistol caliber and 12 for rimfire. Nice folks - most shooters are - and very welcoming. I'd encourage others in the area to give it a roll. Cost is $7 / match.

I didn't get everyone's name. I was paired up with a friend of Wind's named Dan S. - good guy and we managed to stay out of contention by battling for the "vegetarian" (least critters hit) honors. Paul, my enabler won both matches with some ancient WWI vintage rifles that were about the same age as he is... :wink: :mrgreen: The Winning scores were in the low thirties and top threes in the high twenties. Great fun.

On the upside I managed my first ever clean sweep, tipping all ten boars in the pistol caliber and I managed to improve my Turkeys to 6 compared to the 1 I hit in Tonasket a couple of weeks ago. Stunk it up on the rams for some reason. The 45 Colt 255 grain RNFP sure makes the chickens dance.

Sorry I didn't "represent" for the Tonasket guys very well. I think we'll need to import a ringer like Wind or Geoff to give a more accurate (pun intended) representation of what the Tonasket guys can do.

They do a couple of matches a month up there including the long range rifle calibers. I'd highly recommend visiting and giving it a try to those within driving range.

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