Friday, August 14, 2009

Taurus 1911 / Crimson Trace - Range Time

I am not a big auto-loader fan nor am I a fan of Taurus firearms but the Taurus PT 1911 is a winner. To be honest, the difference between it and the Kimbers I've owned is negligible except for the price - the Taurus being hundreds of dollars less. All things being equal I'd still take the Kimber but man, this Taurus is really winning me over.

So far I have not found a round the PT 1911 won't feed. RN, FP, TC, and SWC styles seem to cycle through with ease. The accuracy is on par with the best 1911's I've ever shot. It has a very good trigger and some "extras" like beaver tail, ambidexterous safety and 8 shot magazines.

Another extra that didn't come stock on the gun but was thrown in on the deal was the Crimson Trace laser grip sights. The sights are VERY easy to use, simply grip normally and they are on. A small sensor button under the bird finger triggers the laser. Sighting in is easy - simply sight in the pistol with the stock sights, then move the dot to point of aim with the micro allen wrench provided. Both 200 and 230 grain loads print point of aim in this gun. The laser dot is easy to pick up out to 25 yards in sunlight and even beyond if your eyes are good. Out beyond 15 yards the POI begins to drift off of POA but only slightly. If you do your part the bullet will impact within an inch of the dot.

7 yard Targets
Left with CT - 8 shots
Right with Irons - 5 shots

View from the firing line

The laser won't overcome poor technique but inexperienced and infrequent shooters will have an easier time hitting the target with the laser sights.

As a 'control' I shot a five shot group with my Ruger New Vaquero. Had four of em in the enlarged hole before sending the flier outside the group. I think with practice I could improve the PT 1911 groups but at the moment I still shoot the RNV better than anything else I own.

Wanting to get a little silhouette practice I brought the Mountie. I was playing with some new ammo Federal Lightning, a high velocity 40 grain LRN bullet that was the first brick of 22lr I've seen in months... so I gave it a try. So far the Cheaper Fed Bulk ammo has proven better but I need to give it a few more trys before I'll post a verdict.

Of course since I had a 50 yard target out there I had to punch a few 45 caliber holes in it. The RNV again was able to ventilate the bullseye quite impressively with even the fliers still solidly in the vitals. I was also not able to resist busting up some clays on the berm ~ 65 yards away. Dang that is fun.

View of the 50 yard target

The new 45 Colt load = a north of the border charge of Red Dot under a 255 grain RNFP cast bullet prints a little higher than my SR 4756 load in the RNV. I'll do another batch or two before commiting to a new load but it does show a lot of promise. 255 grains at nearly 950 fps is comfortable to shoot and doesn't exibit any drop out to 50+ yards - just put the post at the bottom of the bull and squeeze. It would be mighty fun to tip over some steel critters with that gun...


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