Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bob's 2009 Bear photos + Rufous' Bear story

Bob's Bear as he found him.

Back at Camp

Rufous wrote about the Bear he tagged:
Well, I think I got him. Not certain that he is the biggest bear using the area but there was lots of big piles of poop in the area I took this guy.

I called in this male bear this morning in SE WA just east of Walla Walla where I live. He came in to about 10 yards away but I was not sure he was the big boy I was after (based on all the big piles of bear poop in the area). He got nervous and ran off but I was able to stop him by calling again at about 75 yards. After looking at him some more through my binocular I decided he was big enough and shot him with my 45 Colt revolver using the Beartooth Bullets 345 grain hard cast lead bullet. I hit him behind the right shoulder and the bullet exited. He only ran about 25 yards. I found him dead. He measures 65" long and has a 45" girth. His front pad measures 5" wide and his neck has a girth of 27". His teeth are pretty badly chipped. His 4 legs weigh 81# (my pack weighed 98# including my other gear). His live weight is approximately 275#. It was a mighty hard climb up a steep slope and through a bunch of brush and nasty, thorny rose bushes but I made it. Rufous

Rufous said he pushes that bullet to about 1200 fps using H110 (which should NOT be used in Colt or replica style single actions).

He has posted more pictures and details at the Hunting Washington Forum.

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