Saturday, October 31, 2009

Range Report - 336 SRC w/ Lee "Soup Can" loads

The Rifle= 60's vintage Marlin 336 Saddle Ring Texan, 20" barrel.

The ammo= Lee 113gr RNFP Gas Checked bullet cast from Wheel Weights, Winchester twice fired Brass, Winchester Large Rifle Primers. OAL 2.330"

Conditions, overcast and very windy.

Powder (Use at your own risk. ALWAYS double check loading data with reliable sources!)

1) Red Dot powder - 5 grains (.7cc Lee Scoop) This was the only load that I shot plain based (no gas check). The load averaged 1140 fps, 1116-1148 spread. It was the least accurate of the loads tested. I may try to reduce this load further and see if it improves at all before giving up on it.

2) IMR SR 4756 - 10.5 grains. This load averaged 1604 fps, with a very narrow spread between the high and low for the ten shot string, 1597-1610. It was also impressively accurate, sub 1" group at 50 yards (throw out the flier and the best group was less than 1/2"). It prints ~ 2" lower than the "PapaJohn Load" at 50 yards with the same sight setting. The third notch up from the bottom on the rear sight elevator is POA = POI with this load. Each indent above and below = ~ 2" in Elevation at 25-50 yards.

3) Hercules 2400 17.5 grains. This load looks promisingly accurate too. The spread was a little wider 2013 - 2033. This load heated up the barrel pretty quickly, this rifle tends to start vertically stringing the groups when it gets hot and it was evident in the groups.

The conditions were less than ideal. The wind was blowing hard enough that it pushed my body around. Still this bullet looks like it is as accurate as its reputation.

If I get the chance I'll test it at longer ranges. I'm not sure what I'd use the load for other than "cheap" shooting (you get 60 of these per pound of lead). It would probably make a good Coyote load but is lighter than I'd want on anything bigger. The recoil is very soft with the first two loads and even the fastest load it was hardly noticeable. I'll have to let you know if it will tip over a 200 yard steel Ram silhouette when I get the chance to try it.. There was no leading evident.

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