Sunday, May 16, 2010

More long range fun with my 30-30

Last month it was 400 yards.  This month we moved out to the 500 yard line.  I took a few shots prior to this just to get my hold over, the load I'm using is only jogging along at 1400 fps so even with the rear sight set at its highest point I was still about two (front sight) beads (~16-20 FEET at that distance) above the target (20" wide, 32" tall - a little smaller than a 55 gallon drum).  We also had a variable crosswind from the left to right which required some hold off to the left.  You can the gun smoke get blown to the right right after the shot.  A slow bullet traveling that distance moves feet, not inches.

Now for the disclaimer- The video quality is poor and the audio is even worse.  I believe the auto-focus motor sound is what is picked up by the mic.  Knowing that the effective range of and excuse is zero meters...  I'll leave it at that.

Shooting a 30-30 at 500 yards

Walking up to the target dinger

The details Correction- I mistakingly say the velocity is 1200 fps. The actual muzzle velocity is 1402 fps avg over my chronograph.

The owner of this ranch wanted to show me how it's done, this is his second shot.

GREAT fun!

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