Tuesday, July 19, 2011

32-20 at 500 yards

Who'd a known the 32-20 would reach way out there this well?

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Drew458 said...

That was fun, and watching it lead me to your other 32-20 vs milk jugs videos. Great stuff. Sure wish there was a way you could muffle the wind noise or whatever that 'white noise' is on your videos that makes it seems you guys are out shooting during a hurricane.

Glad to see you've discovered the great little .32-20. I've been playing with one for 20 years now, in my usual .45-70 way (hot loaded). Mine is an old Savage 219 break action farmer's gun, a single shot 26" barrel that swaps in when you take the 12 gauge barrel off. So the breech end of the barrel is massive, as fat as a 12 gauge for most of a foot. That lets me use rather hyper loads - pretty much a full load of WW296 or VV110 and seat a 90-100gr JHP. But the "paper thin" brass holds up just fine, and I get velocities equal or better than a .30 carbine. You can seat the FMJ 123gr bullets from a 7.62x39, but they won't go fast.

It's a fun little round, and great for hunting raccoons, 'yotes, and the larger woodchucks at moderate ranges, without shattering your ear drums.