Wednesday, December 28, 2011

M&P 45 & 45C comparison

I happened onto another S&W M&P45 recently and since I had the money, I bought it...

The 45C has been such a good performer that I've managed to overcome my bias against soulless polymer pistols - or at least the Smith & Wesson M&P series.  I love the look and feel of a 1911 and still own a few of em (and I have the Ruger SR1911 on order since last Spring...) but one cannot deny the practicality, capacity, lightweight, reliability and accuracy of the many polymer offerings available to us today.

My first impressions of the full size M&P 45 were how light it feels in the hand for its size - which ir roughly equal to a typical 5" 1911.  I was also favorably impressed by the comfort of the grip - the extra .415" over the 45C makes a difference.  It also has that narrow feel of the 1911 even though it is a double stack magazine.  It does point nicely though I like the grip angle better on the 1911.

The weight difference between the 45 and the 45C is slight, less than two ounces.  It is more noticeable when compared to a 1911, even with a fully loaded (10) magazine it still feels lighter than a loaded (7) 1911.

Unloaded weight
Unloaded Weight of 45C

Field stripping is very easy with these pistols and does NOT require tools to do so.

Over the chronograph the full sized M&P 45 does produce a little more velocity for the loads I've tested - generally between 25 and 50 fps greater.

Both pistols shoot point of aim = point of impact straight out of the box with 230 grain ammo at 7-10 yards.  Some old (1964) match 230 grain FMJ ammo I have averaged 885 fps and was the most accurate of the ammo I've tested so far.  Like the 45C the 45 seems to digest and fire everything I feed it, from cast SWC and WFN to JHP and FMJ.
The 10 round Magazine in the 45C.  I believe XGrips will be offering an extension for this pistol/mag combination.
The 45 will fit and can be drawn from the holster I carry the 45C in.  The muzzle protrudes slightly but it does not snag.

I don't plan to carry this pistol concealed very often so I'll be on the hunt for a field holster.  Paired up with my Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle the M&P 45 would be nice to have along during the Zombie Apocalypse for close range work when speed and capacity are needed.  In reality though it's nice to have a number of choices in a spice of life sort of way.

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