Tuesday, January 03, 2012

M&P 45 Magazines

M&P 45 Magazines are available with 8 (compact), 10 & 14 round capacities.

  I purchased two more - a 10 and a 14 - from http://gregcotellc.com/cart/  which I've found to have great selection, very competitive pricing and OUTSTANDING rapid service.

 The 14 round magazine has a permanently attached grip extension that my wife and I both found to be very comfortable when shooting with two hands and seems to further mitigate recoil due to increased leverage.  This is something I will be testing further.

So far the function seems to be fine though I need to test more to be confident in that.  The 14th round is a bearcat to load.  I'm certain some will require a loading device.  Inserting a fully loaded magazine into the pistol with the slide in battery (as with a tactical reload) it requires a firm tap to fully seat the magazine.  There does seem to be an increased drag when working the action with a full mag on the first round and the next 13 feed more easily.  It will take some testing to convince me this is 100% reliable - though so far, so good.

14 round mag - Empty

14 round mag - loaded

Fully loaded Mag weight - 15.1 ounces

Empty Mag weight - 4.7 ounces

10 round Mag weight - empty, 3 ounces

Fully loaded 10 round mag weight - 10.5 ounces

The 10 & 14 round magazine will fit and function in the 45 Compact.  14 round magazine shown.

The 14 round magazine seems to be a very nice option for a home defense situation.  It would probably serve well as a secondary magazine when in the field or for competitions when capacity isn't limited.

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