Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marlin 1894 - A New Chapter in an old Book

I have the good fortune to be in possession of a 107 year old Marlin 1894.  I know little of its history other than the fact that it came to me from North Carolina via a consignment sale and it was obviously well (ab)used, though the mystery itself does add to the intrigue and desirability of this rifle.  


Who owned it?  How was it used?  Where has it been? 

Its configuration is very appealing to me - rifle sized, yet relatively light weight; 24" octagonal barrel; chambered in 32-20 Winchester...  Near perfect in my eye.

For the time it is in my possession it will get some use as the "ranch rifle,"  the silhouette slayer, the dinger ringer, the critter gitter and the headliner in my safe.

107 years old
The standard of a rifle's handiness is defined by a levergun.  This one simply shines.

A great day in a perfect venue.

The last time out the ol' 1894 tipped 31 targets over including a sweep of the pigs.  The nut behind the trigger is to blame for the 9 left standing.
It is proving to be an excellent shooter.  The velocity sweetspots seem to be 1350-1400 fps (Unique, 2400) and right around 1,000 fps (W231)  Impressive accuracy and a joy to shoot.  Both 100 and 115 grain cast bullets are showing great promise.


Drew458 said...

Yay, .32-20! What a great little cartridge. Always loved playing with mine. The amazingly soft thin brass lasts forever too.

Makes a dandy rifle for close chucks and yotes too.

Whit Spurzon said...

Hey Drew, Hope all is well out your way. Getting any range time?

Totally agree, the 32-20 is a little treasure. Performance wise it overachieves. It's accurate and economical to shoot.

It's another cartridge I came to late. It amazes me that this cartridge is well over a century old and it took me 50 years to find it...