Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An April walk in the woods with my 39

With the snow gone from my property I had the perfect excuse to bug out to my property for a few days and do a little work on my cabin. Of course the 39 joined me on a number of walks and fired a number of magazines worth at various targets - knots on logs, scrap wood, soda cans, Ponderosa Pine cones...

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A fella can have a lot of fun with a few tools and some room to be free.

I gave the CCI [b]Small Game Bullet[b] a try on this trip. I like the shape of the bullet - nice flat point. It didn't seem to be as accurate as the Federal Bulk ammo this Mountie seems to favor but I was using field positions and conditions. I'll take it to the range and see what it will do from the bench and over the chronograph and report back.

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