Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mountie Range Report

I took the Mountie out to the range today to get some reps for next month's Cowboy silhouette match and test some ammo.

Best of the the four ammo's I tried today was the Federal bulk. Averaged 1234 fps, produced the smallest group and knocked 8 of 10 of the 100 yard rams. It used to be cheap - under $10 for 550 rounds at Wally World - I haven't seen it available for several months though and the last time it was just under $15 with tax. I recovered a few of these from my sand backstop, they roll back in near perfect mushrooms. I'll put my micrometer on them later. I've not recovered on of these from either vermin or Grouse but if they expand like they do in sand it is no wonder they are effective killers.

The next most accurate was the Federal Auto-match ammo. The 40 grain bullet averaged 1215 fps out of the Mountie. I didn't try this at longer ranges but I may give it a go my next trip out. Comparatively out of my 5.5" Ruger Single six it averaged 1029 fps with excellent accuracy.

The Winchester Xpert22 36 grain HP looks like a pretty wicked little bullet. It feeds a little rough in the Mountie but it fed and ejected 100% of the time. It averaged 1237 fps and produced a very good group at 25 yards but had more fliers than the previous listed ammo. Again for comparison the Ruger Single Six shot these very accurately at 1069 fps average velocity.

The load that I had high hopes for fell short in accuracy was the 40 grain RN Aguila Super Extra Standard Velocity. It averaged 1096 fps with the lowest standard deviation - under 11.

All and all a fun day at the range.

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