Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long Range Rimfire match with the 1897 Cowboy

Last week I shot the Long Range match with my iron sighted 1897 Cowboy.  It was a LOT of fun.
Most of the shooters arrived with scoped bolt rifles - Anschutz, CZ, Remington and Ruger -  plus one 22lr AR and one with and Old Stevens single shot.  I was the only iron sighted "competitor."

I really like the match format.  It uses the same 1/2 size silhouettes at twice the distance of the Cowboy smallbore levergun match.  Shooters get 10 minutes to sight-in on the swinger target and shoot their 10 shots for score.  Plenty of time though I found that shooting a lot of sighters is fatiguing on the eyes and concentration wains toward the end of the scoring string.  PACE is key.  Except for the 50 meter chickens, which must be shot Offhand, shooters may shoot from any position and use a front rest or bipod.  I choose to use the excellent Okanogan Shooting Sticks from the sitting position.

I started on the 100 meter boars.  I had enough elevation in my rear elevator (with three notches to spare) for a right on the belly hold.  I managed four of the first five and then faltered hitting only one out of the next five.  I had plenty of time left and should have paused to rest my eyes. 

The 150 meter Turkeys required a bead covering the target even with the top of the head from the top notch on the elevator which made judging windage challenging.  I paced better but only managed a single bird.  bummer.  lots of near misses though...

The 200 meter Rams required some (~4') hold over.  There was just enough breeze to require an off center hold and from the top notch.  I was able to topple 3 of them.

Shooting the Chickens Offhand evened the playing field between the iron sights and the Scope classes.  I tied for top score on the Chickens but felt disappointed as they were still a few standing when I was done.  Turned one sideways...

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