Friday, November 27, 2009

45 Colt round ball load

I decided to give the .454" round ball load another go in the 1894. My previous experiment produced excellent accuracy but a fair amount of gas blowback through the bolt. This time I seated the ball a little deeper into the case - 1.445" and used a .5cc Lee Powder Scoop's worth of Bullseye powder (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK RELOADING DATA).

The Sooting on the case and the gas blowback were reduced. The accuracy was excellent with this load too. The average Velocity was 891 fps but had a very wide extreme spread of 96 fps from High 921 fps to the Low of 825 fps.

The round balls I recovered from my dry sand backstop retained their shape for the most part. The rifling engraved on what would be the equator evenly so the they are not rolling inside the barrel. I placed the sprew mark down (south pole) and the balls flew straight and impacted without rotation on the northern hemisphere.

My next trip out to the range with the 1894 I'll test these out at 50 yards and see how they do. It looks like it'll do just fine at least to 25 yards. The Load prints just a little higher than my 255 grain RNFP and my 315 grain WFN loads Silhouette zero.

These loads cycle through the action and would probably make an excellent inexpensive "Cowboy load."


Anonymous said...

Are you using them unlubed? I made roundball ammo for my .45-70 using Unique, and found that balls treated with liquid lube worked better. It might not make much difference at the low speeds you're loading for, but in my rifle I can push these to 2200fps with ease.


Mo said...
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