Monday, November 09, 2009

More time with the Cowboy

On my second trip to the range with the 336 CB conversion I had hoped the weather would be better but it was not... More wind and even harder rain... I posted my targets at 50 yards and went to work.

The load that is emerging as the favorite is the Ranch Dog TLC311-165 bullet over SR 4756. The picture below shows three 50 yard groups each on a different notch on the rear sight elevator (2nd, 3rd and 4th up from the bottom). The point of aim was the bottom of the wide black ring. I'm sure the rifle will do better but in the pouring rain it was tough to see the target. I suspect the horizontal stringing was caused by my sight picture and/or wind pushing me around.

Fifty Yards, iron sights, front rested, wind rain ...

The Before Picture - 1976 336 Texan

The After Picture

The Lee 113gr bullet over SR4756 or Red Dot didn't fair as well at the longer range. The conditions may have played a part in that - the target was difficult to see in the low light, at times the rain was very heavy and the wind was strong enough it pushed me around on the bench. I will retest at a later date.

Tried a couple more loads.

2.8 grains of Bullseye under the Lee c309-113F averaged 828 fps with an extreme spread of 87 fps but was quite accurate at 25 yards - didn't try father.

17.5 grains of Hercules 2400 (Lyman & RCBS data)- I have a few pounds of this left... - under the Ranch Dog TLC 311-165 RF averaged 1854 fps with an extreme spread of less than 10 fps for the (short) string. The accuracy looks promising but won't know for sure until I can shoot at longer range. There was some minor leading evident. I suspect it was inadequate lubing - a (too) thin coat of Liquid Alox...

I'm having fun with this rifle. Just wish the wind and rain would let up.

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