Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rant - News Media Ignorance and Sensationalism

I'm not a political pundit type but I can get amped up enough to rant once in a while.

"News" is entertainment now. Coverage is typically biased toward the most sensational and salacious. It is also evident that there is an underlying political agenda mixed in to go along with "journalists" with little if any actual knowledge or experience about what they are reporting on.

Among my biggest peeves are phrases like "cop killer bullets." ABC recently reported that the "alledged" shooter in the Fort Hood massacre used a "cop killer gun." What kind of CRAP is that? Would fewer have been killed if he had used a 'duck killer gun?" Sensationalizing the weapon overstates its importance in the crime itself. The "cop killer gun" could have just as easily have been used to protect those that were unarmed and at the mercy of a deranged murdering freak had they been allowed to carry.

Why not focus on the perpetrator. He alone is responsible for his actions. It was his choice to murder his brothers. His thought process was poisoned. He did not make a rational choice, achieve his desired goal or further his warped agenda. It is more likely his actions are simply another wedge that will widen the gap between his ideal and the reality.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) seems to be more focused on finding ways to excuse his behavior, which appears to be exactly what caused this incident in the first place. The heartbreak of the REAL victims and their families and friends is glossed over. The MSM is bent on spinning this to suit their agenda and bolster their ratings. What seems obvious to me is not reported. Our window to the world is tinted. What we see and what we are told are mearly fragmented truths packaged to shape a distorted reality.

I wonder if the DC sniper execution coverage will mention the hundreds of heartbreaks that he caused? Most likely they will portray him as a victim and a minority of freaks will hail him as a martyr.

Sorry for the rant. This just happened to be the most convenient venue to dump the bilge I've been collecting over the last week or so.

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Anonymous said...

Rant away!

I've read elsewhere that the reason there were so many wounded was because the islamofreak used a FiveSeveN. The little bullets went through and through without tumbling or mushrooming. They only do the job when body armor is present.

Had he used a .45 or a .44 mag with hollowpoints it would have been 30 dead and 13 wounded.

Either way that bastard needs to fry.